A rising force for change: Older people and climate action

The climate crisis is the most pressing issue of our time and it affects us all, no matter our age. Every day, older people around the world are using their voices, knowledge and energy to make a difference.

This briefing explores how engaging and empowering older people’s voices and actions in tackling the climate crisis can build even greater support for the climate movement.

Download the briefing in EnglishArabicRussian and Spanish.

In this briefing, you will learn about:

  1. Why an inclusive response to climate change is important.
  2. How older people are demanding climate action by governments.
  3. What older people are doing to drive mitigation and adaptation activities.
  4. What are the contributions of older climate action pioneers.
  5. Why older people’s voices and actions are central to the fight against the climate crisis.
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There's only one way

Four actions we are taking to tackle the climate crisis.

Act on climate change