Our achievements

We've made strong progress in the past year.

Together with our partners, we're helping millions of older people lead more dignified, active, healthy and secure lives.

What we achieved in 2013-14

This year we have:

  • reached 1.5 million of the world’s vulnerable older people and their families
  • supported 3,000 older people’s associations with training, grants and agricultural inputs
  • helped more than 200,000 people affected by Typhoon Haiyan
  • coordinated three global Age Demands Action campaign events, with 228,000 activists taking part in 60 countries
  • contributed to improved pension schemes in 14 countries, with 1.35 million more older people eligible.
  • supported 250,000 older people in accessing health services including testing the eyes of 135,000 older people, resulting in 50,000 treatments or surgeries.

Typhoon Haiyan

This year, our response to Typhoon Haiyan has made us all truly proud. Staff and older volunteers of COSE, our Filipino Affiliate, were quick to deliver food and shelter to those worst affected and sat with older people in hospitals to offer them comfort.

Our response was only made possible because members of the HelpAge network across the world came together to raise funds and show solidarity.

Global AgeWatch Index

We also launched the first global index to rank countries according to the social and economic wellbeing of their older populations.

The Global AgeWatch Index stimulated widespread public debate, new research studies, and the establishment of new forums to monitor progress and recommend ways forward.

Convention on older people's rights

The HelpAge network, now 111 members strong, has campaigned vigorously for several years for a UN convention on the rights of older people.

The past year saw concrete progress towards this goal, with the appointment of the first UN Independent Expert on the rights of older people.

Age Demands Action

At a local level, 228,000 activists in 60 countries took part in our Age Demands Action campaign through which older people voice their concerns to their governments.

In the past year, together with our partners, we delivered healthcare, income generation and emergency relief to 1.5 million of the poorest or most vulnerable older people and their families, and supported 3,000 older people’s associations.

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  • margaret ayodeji olatoregun (28th January 2015)

    I am very happy with what you have achieved so far,but am caring for a large number of elderly people in my country single handed due to no well defined policies for the elderly. I need to keep my NGO running kindly advice how you will reach out to us in NIGERIA. thanks

  • ntimarubusa Frederic (9th May 2014)

    I fully support HalpAge action when claiming old people rights. Tha's why we are creating HelpAge- Burundi to restore dignity to oldage people allover the world.

  • Md. Selim Uddin (17th January 2014)

    No body think like you about the older people in Bangladesh. This is the high time to do something for them.They are the store of knowledge.We need to create a good environment to mobilize their knowledge in the participatory and supportive way.It is very essential to protect their rights,secure future,sound health and joyful life.We should committed to do that.

  • Leonard Michael Kahema (2nd January 2014)

    this internationalorganization of helping age people would be a good help for old people of our are in Sengerema district Mwanza Tanzania nyampulukano ward who has started a unity for old people to look for their rights and better lives. I look forward to get way out this is because we have noticed that our country has done a good job in improving health to childrens and this reflects that in few years to come we will be having a big number of old people so we think it is wiae to start programs of educating and preparing young people for their old age.

  • shom bahadur darlami (4th December 2013)

    fantastic job well done, helpage international, this god job for every one

  • Francois DRAMOU (11th November 2013)

    je viens à travers ce message vous demande un partenariat avec mon ONG Espoir pour la Communauté qui agit dans les domaines suivants la protection des personnes agée dans le millieu rural, education sexule dans le millieu scolaire à travers la sensibilisation et aider les jeunes à s'orienter dans les metiers pour éviter la delequance
    Mr François DRAMOU
    BP: 6072 Conakry
    République de Guinée

  • Alfredo Gomez Samaniego (12th October 2013)

    I am a retired civil engineer 71, I receive a good pension and I want to help other elderly people in my country, Paraguay. Please write me if I can be of help

  • Daniel samwel (20th March 2013)

    Itake this opportunity to thank Help Age Internation to support olders

  • amanuel della (16th December 2012)

    i really support the work of helpage for their highly valuable contribution on breaking the yolk of poverty from the shoulder of old people. I like to support your action as a volunteer...!!! But currently I am working on the area of Young people empowerment through education, formal and informal training for all young and capacity building for street business entrepreneurs specially in shoe shine business. May God bless You all!!!

  • amanuel della (16th December 2012)

    u are doing a great job with in the generation and it will pave the way for many volunteer workers to do such works in social, economic and humanitarian works ...i believe u really will bring a change in our continent in near future,May God bless u!!

  • PAUL SAGNA (19th September 2012)

    I really like this organisation. Older people need our assistance and our attention.Age is a gift from God and all of us wish to live as longas possible. In Africa, there are many needs for the older people and there are many actions for them, above all in West and Central Afrca, please do the best to implement activities in that area. Thank you.

  • Hodan (11th September 2012)

    Many old persons lost their family member in war, when they are unable to work anymore to earn a living, they are exploited.

  • Berhanu Girmay (31st July 2012)

    I appreciate help age International.I am interesting in working social protection of older people. So would you mind you tell me how can I start the operation and How can I find sponsor in the world?
    Thank you!

  • Behafta Abreha Haftu (31st July 2012)

    It is nice information doing in the age helping.
    We need to be your partner.
    There are so many vulnerable older people in our region and town currently we are working and supporting them.Every one will have an appointment to be older,Age is not a disease but gift of nature.
    Thank you!

  • ocan godfrey (24th July 2012)

    i like the work of helpage international

  • sheer abbas (16th July 2012)

    its very noble work which helping age is doing and i really appreciate feelings of humanity to give courage,respect,care,love to old people because one day each and every person will have to come at at this age.i silute helping age for great human being giving due privilege to olds

  • Norman Mombeshora (21st May 2012)

    I find it morally inspiring that this organisation has uniquely focused on standing up in solidarity with the elderly. Is overwhelming to note how the organisation has made gigantic strides in championing the health, social and economic rights of the elderly. Keep up the sterling work and continue to spread your wings wider. In this day of HIV/AIDS, political & civil strife and economic upheavals, our elderly need more help than ever before.

  • Mr Sakwe Maurice Itoe (2nd May 2012)

    I appreciate the work of the organization which is centered on improving the health,social and economic conditions of the aged.Fighting loneliness,social discrimination adds dignity and hope to them.
    In cameroon,our organization is promoting health and positive living among the aged by organizing functional adult literacy at the level of the communities.This is just one of our activities among others.Literacy has a transformation power in the older people.I suggest that,Aged International should support Adult Literacy programs which will liberate older people from ignorant,mental bondage,economic,social and political slavery.Literacy opens the doors to information,communication,empowerment,knowledge,skills etc and the results are poverty Alleviation,jobs creation through vocational knowledge and skills.Expect more of my comment.I am willing to work with you to realize the good objectives you have for the Aged in the world.

  • anurag sharma (23rd March 2012)

    i hope you do very well work i pray to god do best. but i know you do work in india

  • Navdha (28th December 2011)

    Hi Zena, Thanks for writing. Please contact our office in Kenya for more information on how you can support our work. Here are their details-Email: helpage@helpage.co.ke
    Tel: 00254 20 263 7854
    Thanks, Navdha.

  • Zena (23rd December 2011)

    I am a kenyan and runs an organization in kibera on the plight of the senior citizens.I would like to NetworkI

  • Harriet Abalo (14th November 2011)

    Yes,I totally support the efforts help age international has taken to support older persons claim their rights and have a more meaningful and dignified living when they retire from active work.This is because most often than not older persons are seen as burdens or dependents who have little or no contribution to the family or community in which they live yet and sadly forgetting their invaluable contributions made while in active work that built the today we are living in and enjoying!We"younger persons" do this forgetting that we are growing and will be old at some one time in life and will need support from those who will be young! Few governments in sub-saharan Africa have come up with welfare support systems for the age whether they could have been in formal or informal employment and when the men and women grey they do not have any concrete stand point to fall back to.Even for those who could have been in formal employments,they either die before getting their benfits in terms of pensions or gratuity depending on how it is called elsewhere or get it on a piece meal basis which makes it not very useful to them.
    It is high time governments come up with clearly streamlined policy statements that can attract programming for the older persons and budget as a means to providing social protection for the older persons.Let us join hands and support the older persons to grey gracefully!


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