All HelpAge job vacancies are posted here. Please check regularly to see if there is a position that you would like to apply for. We do not accept speculative CVs, so please do not email your CV to us as we are unable to respond.

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HelpAge does not send volunteers overseas.

Current vacancies

Global Adviser - Protection (London or Jordan)

Regional Programme Manager - DRR and Humanitarian Preparedness and Response (Asia)

Resource Development Volunteer (London)


No consultant vacancies are listed at the moment.

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For more jobs in the charity sector, go to the CharityJob website.

Scam email alert

Unfortunately there can be attempts to scam people out of money via email by people posing as employees of HelpAge.

If you receive anything fraudulent, please do not register your details with the sender. Instead delete the email and forward it in its entirety including header information, to

Any official communication from HelpAge will always sent from email addresses ending "". If you are unsure – please email


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