We have worked with local partners in Peru for more than 20 years, opening our own office in the country in 2008.

We work to improve the livelihoods of older people by developing their skills so they can start urban and rural microenterprises.

We run socio-legal counselling centres (COSL) in Lima and Ayacucho that help teach older people about their rights and help them access legal benefits and state services to which they are entitled.

We also help to strengthen other organisations by providing technical assistance to improve policies and services for older people.

Life story: Doña Juana

Doa Juana's older people's association was given an improved kitchen stove by a HelpAge partner. Doa Juana's older people's association now has an improved kitchen stove. Doña Juana is extremely happy with the results of her new kitchen stove. She told us:

"Our meals no longer taste of ash, the rice is evenly cooked... The improved stove changed us, changed everything, it has really made a difference."

We work with in Peru with partners like CCCUSNCH to provide older people's associations with stoves so that older people can eat properly.

Suitable and nutritious food is essential for older people as poor food can aggravate already existing health conditions. This can then have a negative impact on their ability to earn a living or care for their relatives.

Supporting older people in Peru

  • We helped support 540 older micro entrepreneurs in Ayacucho and Huancavelica.
  • Our socio-legal centres saw 2,815 cases in Lima and Ayacucho.
  • We provided 18 local authorities with technical support.
  • Through our work and advocacy more than 15,000 people are now affiliated to the National Association of Older People (ANAMPER).
  • We advocated for a non-contributory pension and a law is now pending in Parliament.
  • We trained 173 local authorities and 133 journalists on ageing issues.

What next?

The HelpAge network in Peru will:

  • continue working on advocacy to fully incorporate older people and ageing issues into social policies and development programs.
  • continue providing technical assistance to local authorities and municipalities.

Hear older Peruvians speaking out

Our affiliates

CooperAcción, CAPIS, Centro Proceso Social, Instituto para el Desarrollo de la Pesca y Mineria (IPEMIN), Pro Vida Peru 

Our partners

Asociacion Servicios Educativos Rurales (SER), Centro de Capacitación de la Universidad San Cristobal de Huamanga (CCCUNSCH), Older people's association of Peru: Red ANAMPER, CAPIS, Grupo Vida - Dios es Amor, Asociación de Apoyo a los Auquis de Ollantay Mesa de ONG y Afines sobre Personas Adulto Mayores, Asociación Caridades de San Vicente

Our donors

European Union, DFID, Age International, Jersey

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Striking facts

  • Nearly three million people in Peru are older (9.1% of the total country population).
  • More than half of the older population is women.
  • More than 1.5 million older adults do not have access to any pension and health insurance.
  • In rural areas, 79% of older people do not have health services.

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