We work at national and local levels through our partners, including civil society organisations, UN bodies, government agencies, academics and the media.

Our areas of work include:

  • organising and strengthening older people's groups and networks
  • care and support for vulnerable older people
  • improving income security for older people by advocating for better social pension schemes
  • promoting income generating activities and employment opportunities
  • community-based disaster risk reduction
  • raising awareness of older people's rights.

Life story: Tan Khampeera, 75

Tan and his grandson, Tata Tan said: I’ve seen camps for young people. But I’ve never seen a camp that brings both young and older people together. (c) HelpAge International Tan Khampeera, 75, attended the Grandparents and Grandchildren Event with Tata, his 7-year-old grandson.

The event, a week-long camp to cultivate positive attitudes and to strengthen the bond between generations bought together 14 families from all over Thailand.

Tan said: "My time with Tata at the camp has been precious. We have had fun together. We’ve also been impressed with meeting new friends who come from different regions. I’ve seen camps for youth. But I’ve never seen a camp that brings both young and older people together.

"I can see that it attempts to build and strengthen understanding between generations. That is exactly what I have believed in throughout my life raising children.

"I’m sure the camp will benefit all participants both young and old. It’s created a good memory for us. This event may be a once in a life time opportunity for Tata and me."

Supporting older people in Thailand

Over the past year, we have worked in several areas to support older people in Thailand:

Care and support

  • We have assisted vulnerable older people through a volunteer-based home care project in Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

Older people’s groups

  • We have trained older people’s groups in different areas such as needs assessments, organisational development and older people’s rights and entitlements.

Income security in old age

  • We have worked with other civil society networks to plan a national campaign to improve the old age pension schemes in Thailand.

Disaster risk reduction

  • We have assisted older people and communities affected by floods by repairing and building houses.
  • We have put in place community-based disaster risk reduction including recruiting and training volunteers to ensure communities are able to response to disasters.


  • We have engaged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, the Ministry of Public Health and the national commission on human rights to secure their support for a UN convention on the rights of older people.

What next?

  • We will continue to advocate for improvements to the existing social pension scheme.
  • We will continue supporting vulnerable older people through volunteer-based home care projects.
  • We will continue to strengthen older people’s groups and networks to interact with local authorities and lobby for access to their right and entitlements.

Our Affiliates

Foundation for Older Persons' Development (FOPDEV), Senior Citizens' Council of Thailand, Senior Citizen Association of Thailand

Our partners

Faculty of Nursing at Chiang Mai University

Our donors

European Commission, Prudence Foundation, Hong Kong and Prudential Thailand (UK), Unlimited Thailand, UNFPA, Age International

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Striking facts

  • Around 13% (8.4 million) of the population is aged 60 or over. This is projected to increase to over 30% (20.5 million) in the next three decades.

  • 38% older people still work; 50 % of older men and 29% of older women.

  • Since 2002, all Thai citizens who are not covered by government-supported health schemes, receive free healthcare services under the national universal coverage healthcare programme.

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