HelpAge has worked with partners in Haiti since 2001, empowering and supporting poor and vulnerable older people. We opened our Haiti office in 2009.

Almost three years on since the earthquake of January 2010 we continue to support 200,000 older people who were affected – to improve their quality of life, promote independence and provide services and programmes that will relieve distress, poverty and disease.

Life story: Viergella, 68

Viergella uses her pump in Haiti (c) HelpAge International

My name Viergella. I am 68 years old and live with my husband in Fond Jean Noel.

All my life I have suffered water shortages in my community because our village is located right at the top of a mountain. As a teenager, I had to get up every morning before dawn to fetch water at the foot of the mountain. It was a painful exercise which took considerable time and much energy.

Today, I have not only a rainwater recovery system at home that works great, but I'm also able to purify the water to make it drinkable. I am no longer at risk of catching the diseases present in river water.

I use my pump daily, and it is easy to use and very convenient. I will never cease to thank all those who contributed to the pumps until we receive remote village where we live.  

Supporting older people in Haiti


  • 630 older people have received cash transfers or loans to set up businesses.
  • Support nine older people with cash for work opportunities as disaster risk reduction trainers to work with resettled older people.

Health and social care

  • More than 7,200 people were provided with healthcare and nutritional education through HelpAge and our collaboration with other NGOs as well as other public and private health institutions.
  • 600 households, a school and a health clinic have access to devices that purifies contaminated water, delivered in partnership with GrifAid®.

Emergency response

  • We have rebuilt 500 houses for households that are headed by older people. 
  • 495 displaced older people and their families have been resettled in rented accommodation. 

What next?

  • We will continue advocating for the rights of the elderly through the Age Demands Action campaigns.
  • We will continue to work with older people's associations on disaster risk reduction and resilience training.
  • We will give older people access to eye treatment and cataract surgery, health and basic hygiene education, and see that older people living in nursing home are attended properly. 
  • We will work with local authorities to strengthen their capacity to cater to older people's healthcare needs through training and technical assistance.

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Our affiliates

Haitian Society for the Blind (SHAA)

Our partners 

18 communal older people's associations, Solidarité pour le Développement Local, Solidarité Haiti (Can), HelpAge Canada, Heifer International, International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Institut de promotion d’Etudes et de soins intégrés (IPESI).

Our donors 

Disasters Emergency CommitteeECHO, British Red Cross, Department for International DevelopmentHelpAge Canada, Solidarité Haiti ( Canada), HelpAge Germany, Germany Telecom,  Age International UK.

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Striking facts

  • 930,000 Haitians are aged over 55 – 10% of the population.

  • 50% of older people cannot read or write.

  • 80% do not have access to any form of health coverage.

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