The neglected generation: The impact of displacement on older people

The impact on displacement on older peopleTo date, practitioners and policy makers have devoted scant attention to the impact of displacement caused by human rights violations, conflict and natural hazards on older men and women. Yet people forced from their homes by crises are among the world's most vulnerable and, among them, older persons are generally acknowledged to be especially at risk.

This report highlights how, in internally displaced persons (IDPs) communities, older people play a pivotal role. They are often the primary care-givers of their grandchildren and of orphans.

Yet despite this, they often experience particular assistance and protection challenges, and are frequently the last to achieve durable solutions to their displacement, as wider efforts focus on younger generations.

The neglected generation draws primarily on contexts of internal displacement rather than refugee contexts, largely because IDPs represent a higher proportion of those who are displaced globally, the number of IDPs is increasing, and IDPs are often among the most neglected in humanitarian contexts. Nevertheless, the findings and policy recommendations are applicable to both refugees and IDPs.

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