Older people's inclusion to dominate discussions on Sustainable Development Goals at Tanzania forum

Dar es Salaam, 31 August, 2016: Tanzania's Economic and Social Research Foundation, in collaboration with HelpAge International, is organising a High Level National Dialogue Forum in Dar es Salaam on Thursday 1 September 2016. It will discuss the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how the commitment to "leave no one behind" has given older people new visibility in the post-2015 process.  
Although Tanzania’s economy continues to grow at a rate of 7%, socioeconomic inequalities persist. This impacts the quality of life for older people in the country, characterised by poor access to essential public services such as healthcare, lack of income, isolation, and exclusion from national development plans, policies and strategies.  
"The 2030 Agenda's overarching principle of 'leave no one behind', places a strong focus on inequality, and has included targets relevant to ageing and the lives of older people. It has the potential to be truly transformational," said Amleset Tewodros, Country Director at HelpAge International in Tanzania.
Amleset added that it is crucial to challenge age discrimination and recognise the positive contributions that older people make daily to their own families, their communities and national economies. Support is needed to ensure enabling environments are in place so all people can contribute as they age. 
The SDGs have recognised and mainstreamed population ageing, with 15 of the 17 goals directly, or by implication, mentioning older people. Governments must to their best to ensure older people are visible in their plans, policies, strategies and programmes as they work towards achieving the SDGs.
At the forum, the discussion aims to anchor the SDGs in Tanzania’s development frameworks, such as the Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and the Five Year Development Plan, and ensure older people’s issues are addressed and monitored.
Participants will critically review national development indicators and data collection systems in the country to identify better ways for data to provide a solid base for policy and planning. This will put the philosophy of "leaving no one behind" beyond mere rhetoric and into practice.

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