HelpAge International response: Social Protection floor for a fair and inclusive globalization, ILO

27 October 2011

Richard Blewitt, CEO, HelpAge International:

"Today's report by the ILO and Michelle Bachelet should be celebrated for providing progressive recommendations ahead of the G20. It offers a sustainable solution to the financial crisis and rising poverty, which benefits both developed and developing countries.

As the report clearly indicates, social protection programmes such as social pensions, help people invest in their children, participate in the economy and improve development opportunities. In countries such as Brazil and South Africa, social pensions have reduced poverty rates, increased school enrolment for grandchildren and improved family nutrition. It is clear that by releasing cash into local economies, the right fiscal stimulus has helped to get the wheels of economy going again.

Social protection measures like these are crucial in a world where 80% of the population is not sufficiently protected against poverty in old age and family support for older people is weakening under the pressures of population ageing, increased migration and rising food prices.

HelpAge International will be watching Cannes to ensure older people's right to a dignified life is not another victim of the economic crisis."


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