Age Demands Action: Impact timeline

Age Demands Action launched in 2007 in 27 countries to support older people as they challenge age discrimination and fight for their rights. We now have campaigners from over 40 countries taking part.

The campaign runs throughout the year, with three big events: Age Demands Action on Health, Age Demands Action on Rights and Age Demands Action Global.

Older people are at the heart of Age Demands Action, and our steering group, made up of older activists, directly shapes the campaign. All our campaigners take the lead in bringing about tangible changes, both in their countries and globally. We believe they are best placed to advocate on ageing issues, and we know they are passionate about making the world a better place for people of all ages.

Do things actually change?

Have a look through our timeline to see just how much has been achieved by older people directly lobbying key decision makers.

Like any public policy decision, these successes cannot be wholly attributed to a single lobby action such as Age Demands Action. However, it is beyond doubt that the efforts of Age Demands Action campaigners have contributed to these achievements.

How can I support Age Demands Action?

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