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Sustainable Development Goals for all ages: The dream lives!

06 May 2014

A few weeks ago, in my last blog, I dared us all to dream about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for people of all ages, including those in older age. After the publication for the Working Document for the Eleventh Session of the Open Working Group on SDGs (OWG), which takes place this week in New York, we still have grounds for optimism.

None of us underestimate the difficulty of holding out until the end of the process for final targets and indicators that speak to a world for all age groups. The necessity for us all to influence this important process now in countries and at the UN level is therefore more important than ever.

This week, as part of the Stakeholder Group on Ageing – of which HelpAge is a member along with organisations such as AARP and the IFA – we published our official response to the OWG on SDGs working document. This response has been sent to governments in a number of countries through our HelpAge global network; and it will be disseminated widely at the OWG sessions this week.

We quite simply want to make it impossible for world leaders to once again ignore the world's growing population of older people.

What are we calling for?

  • The SDGs must respond to the fact the world's population is ageing and ensure opportunities for increased longevity.
  • The SDGs must be grounded in the principles of human rights including universality, non-discrimination, equality, participation, empowerment and accountability.
  • The SDGs must have universal goals and targets and deliver for people of all ages.
  • The SDG must have indicators that require collection of data for people of all ages with data disaggregated by sex and age.

Next week, our Head of Strategic Alliances, Sylvia Beales, will again travel to New York, to resume her close collaboration with our friends at the Stakeholder Group on Ageing. The Stakeholder Group on Ageing has successfully secured a slot to speak at one of the sessions; and they will be also be knocking on the doors of key UN Permanent Missions and Institutions to make sure our message are heard.

Concurrently, HelpAge Affiliates and partners across the globe will be influencing their governments. We can only be successful if we are able to create a truly global call for the Sustainable Development Goals to include people of all ages.

Let's work together and keep the dream alive!

Next steps:

  • Send the response to the Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals Co-chairs Working Document for the 5-9 May session of the Open Working Group to your post-2015 focal point in Government.
  • Keep us informed of any action you take.
  • Read more about our work on the post-2015 process.

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I have been attached with Helpage in India. I heartily appreciate the comment with lovely guidance

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