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International Widows' Day: Triple vulnerability?

23 June 2011

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 23 June 2011 as the first ever International Widows' Day. "Another International Day" we may sigh. At this stage every day in the year must be at least an international day for... Keep reading (1 Comment)


Your opinion counts! Tell us how we're doing

07 April 2011

Two years ago, we asked you for your views on our publications, newsletters, blogs and social media. We then used your comments to give you what you wanted: Specific facts, figures and maps on all the regions (and countries)... Keep reading (1 Comment)


World Health Day: Older people need access to healthcare

07 April 2011

In expanding our work on health, we aim to significantly improve the number of older people receiving good quality health and care services. Rapid global ageing, the increase of non-communicable diseases (strokes, diabetes, cancer, dementia, etc...) in th Keep reading (1 Comment)


Tackling hunger in old age

16 February 2011

Why are so many older women and men going hungry? Older people are key producers and providers of food. Both older women and men work on the land. A high proportion of small farmers in developing countries are older... Keep reading (1 Comment)


Rains lift older people of the Thar desert

31 January 2011

Rains are rare in Thar Desert of India. Not often does one see lush green landscape, freshly filled ponds and rivulets. In the absence or shortage of rains, Thar is usually not a pretty sight. Barren and brown, lifeless... Keep reading (1 Comment)

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