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Age Demands Action campaign with HelpAge International

06 October 2011

Walter Woods is the Vice President, AARP Foundation Impact Programs (Isolation) and has more than 20 years of social development experience working both with and for young and older people in the Greater Washington Region. This year, HelpAge took... Keep reading (3 Comments)


Older people in Gujarat, India take action on International Day of Older Persons

05 October 2011

Older people in India are amongst the most vulnerable groups in society. According to the last census in India, around three quarters of the older population were unable to read and write. One third were living below the poverty... Keep reading (1 Comment)


At the UN: Differing views on older people's rights, but we're on right track

05 August 2011

I work with older persons organisation Zivot 90 in the Czech Republic. This week I attended the second Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) at the UN in New York which met to discuss the protection of older people's rights.... Keep reading


Challenges of dealing with TB in older people

10 July 2011

"The intention to screen is the intention to treat." The most important statement of most tuberculosis (TB) control strategies! Of all population groups, the above statement is most relevant to older people. As the TB epidemic grows, the issues... Keep reading


International Widows' Day: Triple vulnerability?

23 June 2011

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 23 June 2011 as the first ever International Widows' Day. "Another International Day" we may sigh. At this stage every day in the year must be at least an international day for... Keep reading (1 Comment)

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