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Ollanta ofrece pagar pensiones a 1.200,000 ancianos desamparados

10 February 2011

Amigos Me permito recordarles aquel "momentum" en Brasilia, durante la reuni n de gobiernos de la regi n, cuando se hac a la evaluaci n de la Estrategia Regional de ejecuci n del Plan de Acci n Mundial sobre... Keep reading (2 Comments)


Colombia floods causing widespread damage

17 December 2010

Today we visited the community of Caracol in the municipality of Toluviejo in the department of Sucre, which is one of the four communities we work in with our partner Fundacion Red Desarrollo y Paz de los Montes de... Keep reading


Human Rights Day 2010: Reflections on a great year for older people's rights

10 December 2010

Today is Human Rights Day; the theme for this year is human rights defenders who work to end discrimination. Being part of HelpAge International and working on our Age Demands Action campaign, marking the importance of those defending human... Keep reading


Older people: Survivors, protectors, leaders, peacemakers

21 October 2010

I read with relief and joy that the aidworker, Frans Barnard, working for Save the Children, has been freed by Somali gunmen. Two things immediately struck me from the article "Somali gunmen release British hostage" by Mustafa Haji Abdinur... Keep reading (3 Comments)


Happy International Day of Older Persons!

01 October 2010

Older people, HelpAge International staff and supporters from around the world have been busy taking part in our annual Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign today, where older people march and lobby politicans to demand they are not excluded from... Keep reading

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