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What makes a city age-inclusive?

12 February 2016

This is the final blog in a three-part series coinciding with our side event entitled Innovations on inclusion at the United Nation's Commission for Social Development in February 2016. Professor Vappu Taipale, incoming trustee at HelpAge and chair at.. Keep reading


Older campaigners: Building momentum towards the SDGs

01 July 2015

Over 22 million people took action throughout May as part of the global action/2015 coalition campaign. HelpAge organised Action All Ages day on 22 May as part of this worldwide mobilisation. And what a day it was! Archbishop Desmond Tutu... Keep reading


Post-2015 negotiations: A historic opportunity to include people of all ages

04 March 2015

There was yet another opportunity for the HelpAge network to take part in the post-2015 negotiations in a government-led forum, 11-14 February in Mombasa, Kenya. As the post-2015 development agenda discussions continue, there is no doubt that demographic Keep reading


The action/2015 campaign in Kenya is off to a flying start!

03 February 2015

From the oldest person to the youngest baby in the room, we all took to the dance floor when the song Hoja Zetu (My Views) was introduced to the crowd for the first time in Nairobi, Kenya during the... Keep reading (1 Comment)


Sustainable Development Goals: At the heart of the post-2015 negotiations in New York

02 February 2015

I recently attended the first Intergovernmental Negotiations on the post-2015 Development Agenda at the UN in New York. It was a great honour for the Stakeholder Group on Ageing to nominate me to represent them. Additionally, I was selected by... Keep reading (1 Comment)

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