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“One woman, 365 days to do good”

29 Mar 2010

We could all take a leaf out of Betty Londergan's book (or blog).

1 January 2010 marked the start of a pretty amazing year for Betty. For the next 365 days, she pledged to donate $100 every day to a worthy organisation, cause or project...and blog about it.

You'll be pleased to know that not only is Betty a very charitable person, she is also a very good writer (all the more reason to read her blog). And it wasn't very long before Betty's project gained quite a following.

So when Julia Moulden, who writes a blog for the Huffington Post, introduced Betty to the director of HelpAge USA, Marilyn Grist, the results were immediate.

After finding out about HelpAge and in particular our programme in Darfur improving older people's access to healthcare through donkey ambulances, Betty made us a part of her "What Gives?" project.

Not only did she donate $100 to HelpAge USA, she wrote a very flattering post about HelpAge, "One beautiful thing about getting older", which left us glowing with pride!

Julia has also written a piece about Betty on the Huffington Post website, "One woman, 365 days to do good". Julia describes Betty's project as "three hundred and sixty-five love letters to the world". How many have you written recently?

Read more about what HelpAge does in Darfur

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