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Older people in nine countries across Latin America take action!

01 Oct 2010

Campaigners in Latin AmericaAcross Latin America today, activists and organisations in nine countries are participating in different activities to promote and influence local and national public policies for older people. They are calling for the recognition of their rights this 1 October, as part of the annual Age Demands Action campaign

In Latin America, age demands action!

In Argentina, activists are calling for training for public drivers to treat older people better, improvements to the streets and better public services.

Thousands of older people from five networks take action in Bolivia

In Bolivia, thousands of older people from five networks, led by ANAMBO (the National Association of older people in Bolivia) will stand at the plaza San Francisco, calling for the approval of a draft National Plan for older people and promoting a global petition in favour of their rights.

Activists in ColombiaIn Colombia, older people are taking action in three regions across the country. In Fundacion Montes de María, dozens of older people will march in each of the four municipalities, to call for the improvement of health services and the creation of decent conditions at places where social subsidies are paid. Whilst in Fundación Paz y Bien, twenty senior delegates will march towards San Francisco square in Cali, to submit their requests and ask for a differential approach in programmes of humanitarian aid, and also in the distribution of economic benefits. And, in Tiempos de Colombia, more than 15 leaders of older people organisations from Barranquilla, Cali, Medellin, Bucaramanga, Mocoa, Pasto and other regions will meet with the Vice-President to ask for the adoption of the 'statute of older people' that guarantees their rights.

Older people march in Nicaragua

In Nicaragua, older people will march through the city of Managua with "picketing" at key points to ask for the implementation of the older people's law and the creation and operation of the older people's National Council.

Whilst in Panamá, a delegation from the Master Athletes Association and the National Association of Retirees and Pensioners has asked the National Director of Sports for the inclusion of older people in national and international competitions.

Activists in Paraguay and Peru call for a convention on the rights of older people

In Paraguay, five delegations from the Older People's Directorate will join together in the square of democracy in the capital city collecting signatures calling for an international convention on the rights of older people .

In Perú, Age Demands Action activities started early with a talent show on Wednesday, attended by more than 800 people. Our partner, ANAMPER, is organising a meeting with parliamentarians promoting commitment to the introduction of an international convention on older people's rights and the extension of the non-contributory pension in Peru.

And finally, in República Dominicana (the Dominican Republic) older Dominican people from the Red Por un Envejecimiento Digno (Decent Ageing Network) will call for the implementation of a law which would deliver a solidarity pension and national health insurance.

Support older people taking part in Age Demands Action today by signing our global petition.

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edilia camargo

Is a good synthesis of the overall and heterogenous activities across the latin american and caribbean ADA 2010 Campaigns

Jorge Laffitte

Muy interesante. Quien es la entidad/persona aqui en Brasil?

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