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Why, at 62, I am still in humanitarian aid work

19 Aug 2010

Margaret Chilcott (pictured right), 62, is an Emergency Programme Coordinator for HelpAge International:

"Why, at 62, am I still in humanitarian aid work? I guess the simple answer is that I can.

"I am still active, can keep up with the pace and am still learning every time I go to another country. There are many advantages in being an older humanitarian aid worker.

"After nearly 20 years in this work with various non-government organisations, working in communities with all age groups, I find my age brings experiences which help me to empathise with others joys and sorrows, such as losing a child.  Age also unlocks doors to people in cultures where women are not necessarily held in high regard.

"As I have got older I have learnt to be more patient and to pace myself, recognising the signs my body gives out under stress and pressure. I have many years of experience that I can share to enable others to believe that no matter what their age, they still have much to bring to their own community.  I have many years of work in me still and hopefully in another 10 years I will still be as active."

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It is our duty to feed properly our grand patners and even it is our minimum responsibility to treat them properly and to provide them with all necessary that they want. They should be left alive like that and the children should take care towards them at all instances.

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Margaret Chilcott
Country: Australia
Job title: Emergency Programme Coordinator

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