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Older people in the Caribbean demand change

09 Sep 2010

ADA activist in JamaicaAge Demands Action is set to be even bigger and better in the Caribbean this year with activities being planned in Jamaica, Dominica, Haiti and, for the first time, Belize!

Older people make their voices heard

Older campaigners are planning to make their voices heard by joining forces to march across cities in Haiti and Belize - they will show their national governments that they are able and active and that they refuse to be ignored and seen as useless.

In Jamaica, a video documentary to be aired on national television will be produced, highlighting the main concerns of older people and demanding that the government take action on these issues. There will be radio and TV shows in Dominica and even a sports competition for older people in Haiti!

Older people will meet decision makers to ask for change

Older people across the Caribbean will be meeting decision makers to demand change. They want an end to age discrimination at health centres and hospitals, better places to live and increased access to opportunities to earn money and look after themselves.

Older people are making a huge contribution to society in the Caribbean, with many acting as sole carers for orphaned grandchildren despite not having a pension or access to income. That's why they are taking action and asking their governments to recognise their hard work and give them some support. 

Support older people like these in the Caribbean and right across the world by signing our global petition here.

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