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Meet the Age Demands Action activists

21 Sep 2010

Campaign posterOlder campaigners across Europe are joining forces on 1 October to make their voices heard. They will not only be taking action to demand change in their own countries but to campaign for their governments to better support the poorest older people in developing countries, many of whom live on less than $1 per day.

Events to look out for include:

  • a ‘Solidarity Run' in Prague - older people will be sprinting through the city to show their support for those in developing countries who are fighting for their rights.
  • In Slovenia, there will be a three day festival dedicated to the importance of tackling older people's poverty across the world.
  • In Ireland, an international conference is taking place focusing on putting older people on to the global agenda.
  • And in the Netherlands, older people will be gathering in 17 community restaurants to discuss poverty reduction and to hear video messages from activists in Kenya.

These events in Europe are taking place as part of our new Linking Lives project that creates links between older people in EU and their peers in developing countries. We are showcasing the lives, opinions and hopes and dreams of Age Demands Action activists in Kenya and will facilitate a video conversation between them and European citizens over the next three years.

ADA poster in IrelandThe hope is that it raises awareness of the issues that older people in developing countries face and the huge contribution that they make to their societies. And the aim is that a bond of solidarity can be developed so more people in Europe are motivated to take action in support of older people in developing countries.

A key campaign action that any one in Europe can take is to sign our petition to pressure the EU to include older people in its aid strategies. At the moment it doesn't really mention older people at all. As the world's largest donor, if it did start focussing on older people the effects could be felt by millions around the world.

You can meet the activists and take part in the video conversation too. A video introducing Rhoda, Josephine and Paul is below, and a link to a message from each of them talking about ADA is underneath each thumbnail. On that page you'll be able to leave a message of your own for them too. Get clicking and lets all be Age Demands Action activists. Enjoy.

Meet Josephine, 78

Josephine is 78 years old. She rents a shack in a slum in Nairobi. She cares for five children who were abandoned by a relative. She does not get a pension so she sells vegetables and second hand clothes so they can go to school and be fed. She works most days from 5am to midnight and considers business to be one of her main talents.

Hear Josepine talk about Age Demands Action and message her back

Meet Paul, 74 from Kenya

In 2008 he marched for a pension under the Age Demands Action banner in 2008. Now, two years later he has finally got registered for one. He fought for Kenya's independence in the Mao Mao movement and used to run his own business but fell on hard times. He likes to give advice to children in his area so they don't repeat some of the mistakes he has made.

Hear Paul talk about Age Demands Action and message him back

Meet Mama Rhoda, 74

Rhoda is 74 years old, she's a born again christian and is a part time preacher. She runs a kiosk in a slum area of Nairobi so she can earn enough money to make ends meet. She is well respected in her community and everyone calls her Mama (grandma) Rhoda. She'a committed Age Demands Action activist and has taken part in the campaign since 2008

Hear Mama Rhoda talk about Age Demands Action and message her back

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