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HelpAge European network takes action

12 Sep 2014

We want the EU to better include older people in their development policies and programmes.This year is an important year in the European Union (EU) as a new set of leaders are appointed. The EU is the world's largest donor of aid and an important global player.

HelpAge's EU network is therefore already busy building relationships and influencing these new decision-makers.

The first major milestone was the European elections in May 2014 which resulted in a new European Parliament. Our Affiliates in countries across the EU are building links with their newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

European champions of ageing

Our aim is to build a strong base of MEP champions who will help us to raise the profile of ageing in the EU's external action and support the rights of older people in their work.

The next milestone was the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker from Luxembourg as the President of the European Commission. President Juncker will lead 27 other European Commissioners from each of the EU's member states.

This week, the President released details of the proposed Commission, including each Commissioner's area of responsibility.

The next step is for the European Parliament committees to hold public hearings with each Commissioner to interview them in detail about their portfolio. Following this, the Parliament must vote whether to accept or reject the Commission as a whole.

Get in touch with your MEP!

The HelpAge EU network has prepared a set of questions aimed at the three Commissioners overseeing development cooperation, humanitarian aid and human rights.

We are sharing these questions with MEPs and encouraging them to raise these points in the relevant hearings. This is a useful way of ensuring that older people are visible in these debates and in the minds of the incoming Commissioners.

Please share the questions with your MEPs and encourage them to support older people around the world by using them in the upcoming hearings!

The work of the HelpAge EU network is partly funded by the European Union.

The contents of the materials available on this page are the sole responsibility of HelpAge International and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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