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Devastation in Nowshera

14 Sep 2010

The Polytechnic near Risalpur in Nowshera accommodates several villages these days. We interviewed the older people including Sultana and Mulak Aman (below) who were living in the camps there who told us their stories.

Sultana Bibi (right) was punched while she was standing in the queue to get food for her family.

"I will fight for these people"

I met a woman, Mubarak Jan - 63 years old, whose husband was admitted to hospital and she was not only taking care of him but also her children.

She said, "I will fight for these people and do whatever I can to help them in this difficult situation."

Pillows and bed sheets lying in the mud

Later, we went to Pir Pai village near the railway track in Nowshera. The houses were completely destroyed by the flood and all the residents had left the area. It seemed as if someone has dumped a load of rubble and left. It was really sad to see pillows, bed sheets and other household items lying in the mud.

At Pir Sabaq village in Nowshera, we spent some time at Noor-ul-Husna's house. She is 72 years old. She told me her story. Her sons carried her to the top of the hill where all the villagers took refuge.

Mulak AmanIt was really hard for the widows of this village to escape their houses and get help as it is not considered to be a good thing for women to leave the house alone.

Help is needed to get the people of Nowshera back on their feet 

Some older women gathered at Noor's house while I was there and told me that their houses have been badly damaged by the floodwater. All the things have been washed away from the shops and they find it hard to find the everyday things they need.

They were just living on the items that the people from the city came to distribute. The house was full of flies and mosquitoes. Diarrohea is common. 

The people of Nowshera need all the help that we can provide them with. They have lost everything and it will take time to get them back in their feet.

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