How we are accountable

We are accountable to the older people we work for and with. Photo: HelpAge International.

We are accountable to our donors, partners and the public worldwide. Above all, we are accountable to the older men and women with and for whom we work.

To ensure our accountability we:

  • arrange external evaluations of our high value contracts (almost all our contracts above £250,000 in value are externally evaluated)
  • share and review the learning from our work in many different ways (bringing our partners and affiliates and those we work with together to discuss key issues)
  • share our annual plans starting 2011-2012. We will measure and document our performance against our plans and strategy every year through our annual report.

We review and document our performance against one specific global action or set of targets each year. So far, our Global Review on Social Protection (GRASP) reflects on HelpAge's strategy to address this theme, and provides a measure of the value for money of our work on social pensions over the last five years

We are piloting ways to increase our accountability at project level, particularly in our humanitarian work. We are doing this in Haiti right now.

Improving our accountability

We are always seeking to improve our accountability, so we are developing an accountability framework which will contain a set of commitments. We are now members of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership.

We are also committed to following the People In Aid - Code of Good Practice. This is an internationally recognised management framework, which enables us to enhance the quality of our human resources management. We are working towards achieving our first Quality Mark.

Evaluation reports


Several evaluations have a global focus:


Evaluation with  a regional focus include:

Sponsor a Grandparent work in Latin America (600kb). Also available in Spanish (360kb).

Sub-Saharan Africa (1.73mb) Strengthening Social Protection to Protect and Mitigate the impact of HIV and AIDS and Poverty.

Sub-Saharan Africa (2.5mb) Preventing HIV and AIDS and Alleviating it's Impact in Multi-generational Households.

South East Asia (1.4Mb) Strengthening the CSO Network on Ageing as a Development Partner.


The following evaluations assessed the effectiveness and impact of:

  • Social Protection in Mozambique (705kb, Portuguese)
  • Older Person Abuse in Moldova (174 kb)

Download an overview of lessons learned (27kb) or read our evaluation reports from previous years.


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