Social protection

Social protection provides secure incomes for people in old age, and it provides long-term benefits too.

Here's what we're doing to secure a regular income for older people.

Pension watch

Visit the Pension watch online resource

In low and middle income countries, only one in four older people receive a pension, although it is one of the most effective social protection tools to reduce old age poverty.

Find out more by visiting our online resource on non-contributory (social) pensions.

Social protection policy

We passionately support social protection for people in the developing world - whether in the form of cash payments, such as a pension, or insurance.

Find out how we're influencing policy makers to ensure a secure income for older people.

Social protection in Asia

Working on the fields in Thailand (c) Robin Wyatt/HelpAge International

How does growing older affect a person’s income security in Asia? Our Work, family and social protection report investigates.

Pensions in Africa

Watch our film to see how pensions are having an impact in Africa.

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