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Older people: Witness to climate change

Climate change and global ageing are two of the biggest issues facing humanity this century, yet explicit links between the two are rarely made.

World AIDS Day 2009; largest share of new infections in Africa are older couples

As people around the world commemorate World AIDS Day this year, some may feel some cautious optimism, as the new global figures for HIV and AIDS were released. Last week UNAIDS and WHO published the AIDS 2009 Epidemic Update. According to the report, the number of new HIV infections around the world has dropped by 17 per cent in the past eight years

HelpAge to respond to Pakistan floods

HelpAge International is planning to respond to the worst floods in Pakistan in 80 years in partnership with medical aid agency Merlin.

Vienna 2010: Caregivers on frontline against HIV and AIDS

Grassroots home-based carers demonstrated their central role in responding to HIV and AIDS. They called for immediate action and investments in their organizations and initiatives at the International AIDS Conference last week.