HelpAge International has worked in Moldova since 2000, collaborating closely with partner Second Breath, amongst others, to improve policies affecting older people at local, national and international levels.



Why we work in Moldova

Older people are among the most impoverished in Moldova. Many have no access to a decent, reliable income, often living in homes with no running water. Without the internet and mobile phones, older people are often isolated from friends and family, particularly in rural areas where there is a lot of migration to urban areas. Every second older person suffers from at least one non-communicable disease, or has some form of disability, and violence and discrimination against older people in Moldova is common.

Advocating on pensions

We engage with the Government to improve Moldova’s pension policy, and that older people understand what they are entitled to. Through public awareness campaigns across the country, we reach out to older people across all districts of Moldova through TV, radio and brochures.

Improving older people’s health and wellbeing

We promote active ageing throughout Moldova, supporting older people to live independent, healthy and secure lives. We arrange groups that visit older people at home and support their participation in social activities in the community, such as doing handicraft, playing sports and learning how to use computers.
Older people’s health is managed and monitored through volunteer groups and regular medical testing. We help older people to improve their diets through grants for raising animals, growing vegetables and keeping bees. This also can provide an income to cover other household expenses and medication.

Supporting older victims of violence and abuse

We are working to ensure older women at risk of violence receive support, and that survivors feel safe and secure, and know where to find support services and have the confidence to seek it out. We advocate for the state’s prevention and response mechanisms to be operating effectively. We strengthening the knowledge, skills and capacity of civil society organisations on gender and age discrimination. And we coordinate civil society campaigning against violence and abuse at local, national and international levels.

Our donors

  • East Europe Foundation
  • Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
  • Swiss Red Cross
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women
  • World Bank
  • World Jewish Relief