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An older man and women dance in Colombia (c) Jonas Wresch/HelpAge International
Are you interested in joining the HelpAge global network? Here is some useful information before you apply.

One vision

The HelpAge global network is a worldwide partnership working with and for older people globally, with a special focus on low and middle-income countries. Our mission is to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of older women and men, and reduce poverty and discrimination in later life.
From small grassroots groups to large international bodies, the network brings together more than 130 organisations across more than 80 countries. We focus on a range of areas, including health and care, social protection, advocacy and humanitarian response.
HelpAge International is the secretariat of the network and our role is to bring together like-minded organisations and support joint work. The secretariat facilitates collaboration and learning between members, strengthening and expanding the network and its influence around the world.
Population ageing is transforming the world we live in. Together, we have a unique opportunity to drive this process and make sure all older people can lead dignified, healthy and secure lives.
Join us today.

Who can become a member?

The HelpAge global network welcomes organisations that work to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of older women and men, and reduce poverty and discrimination in later life, no matter their size.
Network members must have at least two years of experience working on ageing issues or working with older people.
To make sure the network continues to be a dynamic partnership, all members must be willing to play an active role, participating in network activities and sharing relevant information and experiences.
Older refugee Augustin plays a drum in a camp in Tanzania (c) Ben Small/HelpAge International

Why become a member?

Enhance your impact

The network gives you opportunities to work with other organisations and strengthen your capacity to implement programmes, influence policy at all levels and respond to humanitarian crises. We share technical expertise, resources and fundraising opportunities.

Raise your profile

We can help you increase your influence by being part of a recognised global partnership. With the network’s unique understanding of ageing issues and its strong reputation, members have a powerful voice to influence policy and practice at all levels.

Learn with others

The network provides opportunities to connect with other organisations working on similar issues, and learn from their experiences and challenges in addressing the barriers older people face. You will have access to learning groups, online resources and the latest news in the sector.

Raise the voice of older people

The network’s wide experience and connections help strengthen older people’s voice. We share evidence, expertise and opportunities to support older people to speak out about their rights.
Find out more about the member benefits in our brochure.
Older people's voices are at the heart of what we do.
In January 2018, governments gathered at the UN in New York to review the implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing. Two older people from HelpAge global network members went to speak out about the situation of older people in their communities.
Elisha and Shashi attend the Open-ended Working Group on Ageing at the United Nations in New York
"It was an honour to speak at the UN this week and share my perspective as an older person myself and the experiences of older people in my community in Tanzania. I was surprised by how much people appreciated my perspective," said Elisha, Executive Director of the Good Samaritan Social Service Trust in Tanzania.
"There were many experts talking at events, but it was good that we as older people were getting the chance to speak and share our own experiences and those of people in our communities. Only by listening to older people will governments understand the reality of later life in countries like India and Tanzania," said Shashi, co-founder of GRAVIS in India.

Sharing knowledge and experience

HelpAge global network member COSE works on social protection in the Philippines

The Coalition of Services of the Elderly (COSE) helps older people address issues relating to poverty, invisibility and exclusion in the Philippines. Since 2007, HelpAge’s technical advisers have worked closely with COSE to support their advocacy efforts on social protection, sharing decades of knowledge and experience of engaging with governments and civil society.
To help build their capacity in this area, COSE joined HelpAge’s social protection learning group:
"Joining the group gave us an opportunity to share our own experiences on social protection and learn new ways to improve our country’s programme. In the first years campaigning, we promoted a targeted social protection scheme focusing on poor older people. Through the group we learnt about older people’s rights and the possibility of having a universal social pension, so we shifted our approach.
"We also learnt how to lobby decision-makers in a more systematic and evidence-based approach. Together with other network members, we published two joint studies on social pensions. Having tangible and well-grounded information has been very helpful to advocate for improvements and change," said Emily Beridico, COSE Executive Director.

Financial contribution

Your membership fee goes directly into facilitating network activities and enhancing our joint work.
Network members pay a fee in January each year based on their overall annual budget in USD:
  • Below $100,000: $75
  • Between $100,000 and $500,000: $150
  • Between $500,000 and $1,000,000: $250
  • Between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000: $1,200
  • Between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000: $3,500
  • Over $5,000,000: $5,000

A few tips before you begin

To submit your application, you will need:
  • a copy of your annual report or similar document
  • a letter of endorsement from a respected source.
Organisations can submit their application to the network coordination staff. Once you submit your application, we will be in touch to guide you through the process.
The HelpAge Board of Trustees will review your application and once a decision is made we will inform you of the outcome.
During this process, we might contact you for further information.
New members will receive a welcome pack with information on how to start enjoying member benefits.

Let’s get started!

Download the application form, fill it in and email it to the network development staff in your region or post it to your nearest HelpAge regional office:


Shem Ochola:
HelpAge International Africa, Regional Development Centre, Off Lower Kabete Road, Off Shanzu Road, P.O. Box 14888-00800, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya


Baralee Meesukh:
HelpAge International, 6 Soi 17, Nimmanhemin Road Suthep, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

Eurasia and the Middle East 

Lina Alqurah:
HelpAge International, 12 Baouniyeh Street, 2nd floor Jabal Webdeh 11191, Amman, Jordan

Latin America and the Caribbean 

Marcela Bustamante:
HelpAge International, Calle 54 #10 —81 piso 5, Bogotá DC, Colombia

Western Europe

Johanna Phillips:
HelpAge International, P.O. Box 70156, London, WC1A 9GB, United Kingdom

We look forward to welcoming you to the HelpAge global network!

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