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"My dream is to study social work"

Justina Vanguera, 68, from Buenaventura, Colombia

Justina Vanguera, 68, Colombia. (c)Jonas Wresch/HelpAge International

Back to school at the age of 58

"I left school after my fifth year at primary school but I've done all sorts of courses since – dance, sewing, first aid. I love to learn! Once my children grew up, I studied for my baccalaureate and graduated when I was 58.

No support for older people

"I don't feel that age is a problem; it's the situation in the country. There's no support for older people. I don't have a pension.I earn a living by making and mending clothes. On a good month I earn 180 pesos (US$75). I have to keep working.

Lack of money holds me back

"I don't like to bother my three children - they have their own money worries. My dream is to study social work. I have always been very curious and I do not think that age is an impediment. What holds me back is lack of money."

Source: HelpAge International interview 2015

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