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"I survive on my pension"

Ellen Reddin, 75, from Dublin, Ireland

Ellen Reddin, 75, from Dublin, Ireland. (c)Age Action Ireland

Nothing left for emergencies

"I can survive on my pension but there's nothing left for emergencies. People do without if they have to. I come from a generation that knows how to live within their means but my bus pass, allowing free travel, is a godsend.

Forced to retire

"I live in rented accommodation and have 6 children, 18 grandchildren and 2 great grand-children who live relatively close by. My husband passed away 14 years ago. I had to leave school when I was 14 to support the family when my father died.

I worked in a factory and later as a community worker until I was forced to retire at 66. I would have really liked to continue. 

Life was better for my grandparents

"Now I go to meetings or play bowls and attend classes at the University of the Third Age.
Life was probably better for my grandparents."

Source: Age Action Ireland

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