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"I feel trapped in my own home."

Gîrlea Maria, 70, from the Rezina district, Moldova

Gîrlea Maria, 70, Moldova. (c) HelpAge International.

Living in one room

"We live in one room. The house doesn't have a bathroom and the toilet is outside. Diabetes has made me blind and I have hypertension but medicine is very expensive. I feel trapped in my own home. Relatives visit us occasionally and a neighbour tells us village news.

No TV or radio

"I get 50 euros a month, which pays for electricity, food and medicine. We don't have
a TV or radio because we can't afford the electricity.

"My husband, Andrei, has no income. He's not yet retired but can't work because of his arthritis, so he tries to grow our vegetables.

Social canteen provides meals

"The social canteen delivers meals five days a week in winter, with food parcels at weekends. It's funded by the Swiss Red Cross. A social worker visits us twice a week to help."

Source: HelpAge International, evaluation interview of social canteen beneficiaries, 2015

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