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Global population data

Population age 60 and over in 2015, 2030 and 2050

UNDESA Population Division, World Population Prospects: the 2015 Revision, DVD edition, 2015

Global AgeWatch Index data sources

This is a list of the main data sources used for the Global AgeWatch Index 2015. Details of all the data sources are given in Global AgeWatch Index 2015: Metholodogy update. A full description of the methodology can be found in Global AgeWatch Index 2013: Purpose, methodology and results.

Pension income coverage

International Labour Organization, Table 21 Old age effective coverage
World Bank, Social Protection and Labor, Pensions, Performance: Beneficiaries Coverage

Poverty rate in old age

World Bank, The Atlas of Social Protection: Indicators of Resilience and Equity (unpublished data)

OECD, Statistics, Social Protection and Well-being, Income Distribution and Poverty, Poverty rate after taxes and transfers, Poverty line 50% of median

Eurostat, At-risk-of-poverty rate by poverty threshold, age and sex
(source: SILC [ilc_li02])

Relative welfare of older people

World Bank, The Atlas of Social Protection: Indicators of Resilience and Equity (unpublished data)

Eurostat: Relative median income ratio (60+) (source: SILC [ilc_pns2])

OECD, Pensions at a Glance 2013: OECD and G20 Indicators, OECD Publishing,
2013, Table 5.1, p.163e

GNI per capita

World Bank

Life expectancy at 60

WHO, Global Health Observatory Data Repository

Healthy life expectancy at 60

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Global Burden of Disease Study, 2010.

Relative psychological wellbeing

Gallup WorldView, Labour market engagement of older people (employment rate)

ILO, Employment-to-population ratio by sex and age

ILO, Key Indicators of the Labour Market, Labour force participation rate

Educational attainment of older people

Barro, Robert and Jong-Wha Lee, "A New Data Set of Educational Attainment in the World, 1950-2010" in Journal of Development Economics, 104, pp.184-198 Version 2.0

Social connections

Gallup Analytics

Physical safety

Gallup Analytics

Civic freedom

Gallup Analytics

Access to public transport

Gallup Analytics

Policies and ageing

HelpAge International / UNFPA internal database

Social pensions