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HIV in India: why are older people the forgotten story?

01 December 2016

India has one the largest population of older people in the world at over 100 million people. In rural areas especially, many older men and women live in deprivation and poverty, and unable to access care due to a... Keep reading


World AIDS Day: Ending the AIDS pandemic

30 November 2015

HIV still remains one of the major challenges of the 21st century. This World AIDS Day we stand with the rest of the world in working towards the end of AIDS, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals. This will... Keep reading


Sexually-transmitted diseases in older age are an area of neglect

28 October 2015

HIV's disconnect with people in older age in terms of programmes, priorities and strategies has increasingly been discussed over recent years. Yet, conversations on sexually-transmitted diseases overall remain more neglected. Despite the vast number an Keep reading


World AIDS Day 2014: Ensuring older people don't fall through the gaps

28 November 2014

On this World AIDS Day there is much discussion about the possibility of ending AIDS by 2030. UNAIDS has launched a set of fast track targets that it thinks will help to achieve the goal of a world in... Keep reading


The end of AIDS by 2030? Only if older people are included

06 August 2014

The 20th International AIDS Conference concluded in Melbourne, Australia a few days ago. Many would say that the conference was a major step towards the "end of AIDS by 2030" target set up by UNAIDS and other global stakeholders... Keep reading

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