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COP21: Fantastic achievement but doesn't deliver for older people

18 December 2015

The Paris climate change agreement, the final pillar of the post-2015 agenda to be agreed this year, is deservedly being described as a historic pact, succeeding where others have failed. It's legally binding and, despite a huge range of opinions... Keep reading


Knowledge is life: older people a key resource in disaster risk reduction

12 October 2015

Through HelpAge's disaster risk reduction (DRR) work with communities and older people's associations, we have found that older people often hold very valuable knowledge. On International Day of Disaster Risk Reduction, we look at how this insight can be. Keep reading


Changing the lives of older refugees in Gambella

21 January 2015

I recently flew to Gambella, which I had heard is a very intimidating environment, as the dire situation of the refugees, coupled with harsh conditions of weather and lack of amenities, could make my field visit very difficult. Well,... Keep reading


Supporting multigenerational households affected by migration in Kyrgyzstan

04 May 2012

Much of HelpAge's work in Kyrgyzstan to support older people and their families is focused on the issue of migration. A big part of Kyrgyzstan's "middle generation" has migrated to other countries in the region, such as Russia, looking... Keep reading


Preserving relationships: How jam is helping older people in Kyrgyzstan

13 October 2010

In June this year, around 1 million people were affected by violence in Kyrgyzstan, in particular in Osh and Jalal-Abad in the south west of the country. Since then, we have carried out a range of measures to help... Keep reading

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