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Serbia: Age Demands Action and Global AgeWatch Index

06 October 2014

For the past eight years Serbia has marked the International Day of Older Persons by organising ADA campaign on the 1 October and for the last two years we have worked on introducing GAWI as a tool helping us in building... Keep reading


Older people's rights and financial abuse

03 September 2014

As a person who has been active in the field of ageing for the past twelve years and involved in lobbying for the new UN convention, participation at the fifth meeting of the Open Working Group for Ageing was... Keep reading (2 Comments)


Serbia: Older people and the right to health

05 May 2014

The Red Cross of Serbia and HumanaS network have been involved with the HelpAge network's Age Demands Action (ADA) campaign since the very beginning. This year, the aim of our ADA on Health campaign, was to educate older people... Keep reading


This World Health Day - let's tweet older people better!

03 April 2014

This World Health Day, on 7 April, the HelpAge network comes together for Age Demands Action on Health where we all campaign for people's health and wellbeing. This year campaigners in more than 40 countries will meet high level... Keep reading (5 Comments)


Speaking up for older people's rights in Moldova

18 October 2013

Our Age Demands Action campaign in Moldova started on 28 September with an intergenerational march where older people from around Moldova walked together with the Minister of Social Protection, Family and Child. Straight after, I headed to Geneva to... Keep reading

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