Affiliates in the Middle East

Our HelpAge Network Affiliates in the Middle East is based in:

Lebanon | Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territories | 

West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories


Center for the Studies on Aging

Established in 2008 in Beirut, the Center for the Studies on Aging (CSA) is a hub for research, education, policy formulation and training on ageing in Lebanon and the Arab region. They share HelpAge International's mission and vision to ensure that the full economic, political, and social rights of older people are fulfilled.

Composed of academics and policy-makers from various universities, government bodies, as well as the National Committee on Ageing, the CSA membership constitutes an uniquely influential and highly visible presence in Lebanon as well as in the Middle East in advocating for the rights and participation of older persons.

CSA has been working with HelpAge International  since 2008 on various projects. They were instrumental in conducting the review of Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing at national and regional level as part of the joint report published by UNFPA and HelpAge International - "Overview of Available Policies and Legislation, Data and Research, and Institutional Arrangements Relating To Older Persons - Progress Since Madrid" in 2011.

CSA has also emerged as a big advocate for the rights of older people in context of the Syrian crisis. In December 2013, HelpAge International collaborated with the CSA to hold a symposium on "Older Persons in Emergencies" to highlight the particular needs, concerns, and risks faced by older persons in Lebanon affected by the Syrian crisis.

CSA became an Affiliate of the HelpAge Global network in 2014.


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El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation 

El-Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation (WSCR) is a nonprofit NGO based in the Gaza Strip and registered with the Ministry of Interior. Established in March 2000, they provide psychosocial services and educational rehabilitation to local communities. They work with children, women, young and older people to provide them with quality services including training, counseling and guidance.
El-Wedad has collaborated with HelpAge International since 2009 to provide psychosocial support for older people. They have also worked on other joint projects including:

  • Improving older people's wellbeing and independence in Shatee Refugee Camp through psychosocial and mobility support.
  • Advocating older people's rights through the Age Demands Action campaign.
  • Strengthening civil society to reduce the poverty of vulnerable older people in the occupied Palestinian territories.

WSCR became the first HelpAge International Affiliate in the Middle East in October 2011.


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West Bank

Palestinian Center for Communication & Development Strategies

Palestinian Center for Communication & Development Strategies (PCCDS) is a civil non-profit Palestinian organisation. It was founded in 2009 by a group of young activists in development, democracy, and human rights in Hebron. The aim is to empower disadvantaged families socially, politically, and economically and to promote the concepts of democracy, social justice, non-violence and human rights among the target groups which includes children, women and older people.

PCCDS is a very strong and active organisation working in several sectors including health, psychosocial wellbeing, income generation (livelihood). Furthermore, PCCDS has strong links with local authorities and media and advocate for the rights of beneficiaries and the wider group of forgotten vulnerable people such as older people.

Among other things, PCCDS is running a human rights programme which includes awareness raising among older people in local communities on their rights to health welfare.

They are also leading the ADA campaign in Hebron and led campaign activities in October 2011, April 2012 and October 2012.

PCCDS has been an active partner of HelpAge International in the West Bank since April 2011 and became an Affiliate of the HelpAge Global Network in March 2013.


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