Affiliates in Southern Africa

HelpAge Network Affiliates in southern Africa are based in the following countries:

Lesotho | Mozambique | South Africa | Zambia | Zimbabwe


The Maseru Women Senior Citizens Association

The Maseru Women Senior Citizens Association was established in 1997. Its mission is to improve the quality of life of older people, with particular emphasis on physical and mental healthcare and social and economic security. They encourage active ageing and combat all forms of discrimination and abuse.

The association arranges home-visits to older people who are housebound. It also raises funds by running sewing and knitting lessons for members, as well as cake sales. At Christmas, they hold parties for older people and distribute presents to those who cannot attend because of ill health.

From 2009-2011, the association also hosted Operation Crossroads. This is where university students from the US and Canada have the opportunity to spend six weeks working on development programmes with older people.

The Maseru Women Senior Citizens Association became an Affiliate of HelpAge in 2004.


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Association of Retired Persons Mozambique

Founded in 1993, the Association of Retired Persons Mozambique (APOSEMO) now has 25 members of staff working in Maputo, Gaza, Inhambane and Zambézia provinces. They are well-known for lobbying at ministerial level, where they focus particularly on social pensions. Their aim is to ensure pensions are on a par with the minimum wage.

APOSEMO has operated a health centre since 1998, which includes a pharmacy and a laboratory and is staffed by volunteer doctors. They also work with a local hospital to offer free treatment to older people and people.

HelpAge International has funded some of the organisations' projects, including emergency work in 2003 when Mozambique experienced floods and an advocacy programme to stop the violation of older people's rights.

APOSEMO has been a partner of HelpAge International since 1999.


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VUKOXA is an association supporting older people in Mozambique. It was formed in Chókwè District in the Gaza Province in October 1997 and was officially registered in November 2001.

VUKOXA's mission is to promote cultural, moral and socioeconomic development to vulnerable groups, especially older people and to use older people's skills and experiences in the fight against poverty. Its main activities include: community mobilisation, sensitisation, advocacy at all levels and securing access to basic needs like water, sanitation and income.

The association is composed of three organs namely the general assembly, the executive council and the audit committee. The executive council is composed of technical staff and oversees the coordination and implementation of the projects.

The association has membership in a number of networks like the Mozambican Network of AIDS (MONASO), the National Forum for Social Protection and the National Forum for Elderly.
VUKOXA's collaboration with HelpAge International started in 1997 and was increased during and after the severe floods of 2000. After this, the two organisations have worked together on various projects.

VUKOXA joined the HelpAge network in 2001 and became an Affiliate in March 2011.


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South Africa:


Founded in 1956 as the South African Council for the Ages, Age-in-Action is a NGO representing over two million older people in South Africa. The organisation has over 800 NGO members that provide vital services to more than 150,000 older people.

Age-in-Action's mission is to uphold older people's rights through advocacy and lobbying. Their programmes are designed to ensure older people have access to care, support and protection, training and development and sustainable income. To deliver these, the organisation has initiated community-based healthcare and empowerment programmes.

In June 2009, Age-in-Action organised demonstrations, exhibitions and educational seminars as part of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Their aims were to create awareness of the abuse older people face and to stir people to take decisive action against it.


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Elim Hlanganani Society for the Care of the Aged

Elim Hlanganani Society for the Care of the Aged is a non-profit organisation established in 1993. Its mission is to care for older people in their homes and help them fight poverty in their communities.

They encourage older people to be active in their community and improve the lives of those who are disabled, affected by HIV and AIDS or have problems with drug or alcohol abuse.

Their "Bread for thy Neighbour" programme currently helps older people and those they care for by providing them with food, clothing and blankets in the winter.

With support from HelpAge, the Society has also been able to train voluntary caregivers and organise workshops for older people on their rights. Elim has also collaborated with HelpAge to help older people collect the pensions.

They have been a HelpAge partner since 1994 and an Affiliate since 1996. 


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Muthande Society for the Aged

Muthande Society for the Aged (MUSA) was formed by a group of community nurses, social workers, health educators and community leaders in Durban in 1982. Today, MUSA supports more than 2000 older people.

MUSA's aim is to meet the social, physical, economic and emotional needs of older people. To do so, they have a range of services and programmes, including projects preventing social isolation and providing meals.

MUSA has worked with several national and international NGOs to secure older people's rights.

MUSA works with HelpAge on areas such as supporting older people living with or caring for relatives who are affected HIV and AIDS. Trained caregivers visit older people to offer counselling, nursing, care and guidance on healthy eating and living. They also take part in the Age Demands Action campaign, coordinated by HelpAge.

MUSA became a partner of HelpAge International in 1997 and an Affiliate in 2004.



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Senior Citizens Association of Zambia

Established in 1999, Senior Citizens Association of Zambia (SCAZ) is a leading national association focusing on older people's issues.

The aim of SCAZ's work is for older people to live dignified, healthy and secure lives. They support programmes on health, social protection, HIV and AIDS, rights, livelihoods and social care.

In 2010, SCAZ improved the food security in 100 households headed by older people by providing them with fertiliser and seeds. They also trained 60 home-based caregivers, 30 peer educators and ten counsellors to support older people caring for relatives affected by HIV.

SCAZ has successfully influenced the national HIV policy and now sits on three working groups of the National Aids Council: mainstreaming, impact mitigation, and treatment and care. SCAZ also took part in the preparation of the first UNGASS report to include a chapter on older people.

SCAZ joined the HelpAge network of Affiliates in 2008.


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HelpAge Zimbabwe

Established in 1989, HelpAge Zimbabwe (HAZ) is a leading NGO working on older people's issues in Zimbabwe.

HAZ's main objective is to create an environment that meets older people's needs and recognises their rights. HAZ collaborates with community leaders, local authorities, government ministries, partner agencies and NGOs.

The organisation works on a variety of issues. Their work on HIV and AIDS aims to raise awareness of the crucial role older people play as caregivers. On social protection, they advocate older people's right to regular and non-contributory income. HAZ also supports older people to secure work.

Another aim is to ensure older people have access to free healthcare. They also work to make sure that older people are included in emergency programmes by the Government and humanitarian organisations.

HAZ became a partner of HelpAge International in 1989 and an Affiliate in 2004. 


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