Our network

The HelpAge global network is a unique worldwide alliance standing up for the rights of older people.

Across 77 countries, there are 127 organisations member organisations in the HelpAge network.

In this section you can read more about our network in eight different regions, including how and when they were established, what areas they work in and how to contact them. 

Older women in Tanzania, where we work to protect older people`s rights

East, West and Central Africa

Find out about our affiliates in east, west and central Africa.

Affiliates in the East Asia Pacific region

East Asia and Pacific

Read more about the affiliates we work with in east Asia Pacific.

Affiliates in Africa

Southern Africa

Discover who is part of the HelpAge network in southern Africa.

Affiliates in Latin America

Latin America

Who are our affiliates across Latin America?

Affiliates in South Asia

South Asia

Read more about our affiliates in South Asia.

Affiliates in the Caribbean


Find out about the HelpAge network in the Caribbean.

Affiliates in Europe


Learn about the HelpAge network in Europe.

Affiliates from eastern Europe and central Asia

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Check out the list of HelpAge Affiliates from Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Affiliates in North America

North America

Find out more about our Affiliates in North America.

An older couple at Shatee refugee camp in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The Middle East

Find out more about the HelpAge network in the Middle East.

How to join

We welcome applications from organisations working with or for older people.

For details of how to become a member, please contact your nearest regional centre in AfricaCaribbean, East Asia and PacificEastern Europe and Central AsiaLatin America or South Asia, or the London office.

Our achievements

Together with our partners, we're helping millions of older people lead more dignified, active, healthy and secure lives.

Explore our interactive annual review to find out what we achieved last year.

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