Final evaluation for SADC project, Tanzania

HelpAge International is seeking to recruit an experienced consultant to conduct a multi country final evaluation of a two year project:  ‘Promoting the inclusion of the 50+ in the fight against HIV and AIDS’ implemented in three Southern Africa countries with funding from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC).

The attached Terms of Reference details the scope of the work, the nature of the project and the competency required from potential applicants.  Interested applicants are required to demonstrate knowledge and experience in conducting evaluations of complex development programmes and research, particularly focusing on Health and HIV and AIDS of multi-country projects. The ideal candidate is required to lead and manage the entire evaluation ensuring synergy and effective coordination between the three countries. 

Interested individuals are requested to apply by submitting their Expression of Interest describing their expertise and background experiences.  The proposals and CV should explain briefly:

1. Your competency to meet and provide analysed information as outlined in the ToR

2. Providing information on similar work undertaken in the recent past, including coordination of multi-country evaluations

3. Professional fees expressed in USD

Applications should be sent to and by 10th December, 2016   

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