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HelpAge International is a global Network that brings together a wide range of organisations and individuals working to promote the rights and meet the needs of older persons (women and men), at national and global level.  At the core of this network are civil society members, who work with older people around the world supported by HelpAge International (HelpAge henceforth) as their Secretariat. Together, our vision is a world in which all older persons can lead dignified, healthy and secure lives. Everything we do as a network is directed towards maximising positive impact for older persons.

The European Union and the Commonwealth Foundation committed to jointly fund the Strengthen the Voice of Older People to engage with Local Government project in Kwa Zulu Natal, Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Gauteng provinces in South Africa. Specifically, the projects are implemented in Amajuba, Mopani, Waterberg, Amatole, and the Alfred Nzo and Tshwane in South Africa. A Project Management Committee (PMC) was established at the start of the project. It comprised staff from HelpAge and the Southern Africa Older People’s Forum (SAOPF). The PMC was responsible for the management and oversight of all aspects of the project implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation.  

This action was designed to ensure the inclusion of older people and their concerns in South Africa’s National Development Plan (NDP) activities re-engineering primary health care, inclusion in social grant programmes and access to housing and related utilities such as water, electricity, and sanitation.

The overall objective of the “Strengthen the Voice of Older People to engage with Local Government” was to ensure that South Africa’s National Development Plan, and wider government policy processes, are more effective in addressing older people’s key needs and constraints.

The NDP provides a long-term perspective and defines the government’s objective of attaining a decent standard of living for all South Africans and the role of different actors in society. The plan provides a framework within which the short and medium term activities of different departments of government at national, provincial and municipal levels are determined.

The project aim was to address the capacity gaps that were restricting civil society from playing a stronger role in representing the views of older men and women to more effectively advocate for their inclusion in service delivery and development activities delivered under the NDP framework. The project aimed to achieve this by strengthening the relationship between 36 grassroots Older People’s Forums (OPFs) and the national level SAOPF and building the capacity of 30 Southern African Age Network (SAAN) member CSOs, facilitating data collection and evidence-based advocacy and influencing strategies that take older people’s issues and concerns to relevant stakeholders at the district, provincial and national level. 

Regular engagement between government, CSO members of the SAAN and older people at the grassroots level via OPFs with coordinated monitoring data on service delivery was designed to support efforts of ensuring improved and older people inclusive access to services. Opportunities were identified to engage and influence government departments during NDP planning cycles to ensure civil society is better placed to input the opinions and experiences of older people.

The overall objective of the “Strengthen the Voice of Older People to engage with Local Government” was to ensure that South Africa’s National Development Plan, and wider government policy processes, are more effective in addressing older people’s key needs and constraints.

Specifically, the project sought to enable and capacitate older people to meaningfully engage with local government structures to ensure South African National Development Plan activities integrate older peoples’ perspectives and needs with a multi-generational and cross-community support in 6 districts of 4 provinces’.

The following four results were targeted for achievements:

Result 1: Strengthened capacity of 36 Older Persons Forums (OPFs) in 6 districts to engage with the South Africa Older Persons Forum (SAOPF) network and to better work on behalf of older people.

Result 2: Strengthened capacity of 30 local aging CSOs who are members of the South Africa Age Network (SAAN) to raise awareness, campaign and advocate effectively for older people inclusive service delivery in the National Development Plan activities.

Result 3: Regular and effective engagement between 30 CSOs, 36 OPFs and local (6 authorities) and provincial (3 provinces) government, ensuring that older people are mainstreamed in service delivery and in the implementation of programmes related to the National Development Plan. 

Result 4: Strong intergenerational and cross-community support for inclusion of older persons in local development and service delivery at both local and national level

The four result areas have certain specific targets that were supposed to be achieved by the project. These will be assessed for effectiveness by this evaluation. 

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