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Assessment of cash transfer (disability grant) targeting process,

Myanmar Dry Zone

The HelpAge International network brings together affiliates working with older people in over 70 countries.

The LIFT donor consortium approved the “Dry Zone Social Protection Project”, now being implemented in Myanmar’s Central Dry Zone. In 180 villages, the project will enhance informal community-based mechanisms and practices; strengthen government and community capacity to protect the poor; and deliver cash benefits to vulnerable groups – people with disabilities and older persons. The intervention of focus for this consultancy consists of a cash grant for people with disabilities, who are selected for the grant through community-based targeting using simple tools based on the Washington Group questions.

The purpose of this assignment is to assess the grant targeting process in in a sample of the project villages, and analyse (a) the process and (b) the outcome – that is, whether community based targeting was appropriate and effective, and the extent and reasons for exclusion and inclusion errors. The ultimate question to answer is: How well did community based targeting work?

We are looking for a consultant or consultant team to design and carry out the study through qualitative research in a sample of target villages. HelpAge suggests, but does not require, a team of one Myanmar consultant and one international consultant to carry out this assignment, both with expertise in disability. HelpAge is looking for a consultant or team with extensive field experience in issues of disability, ideally including assessment of disability; familiarity of international literature on disability assessment and certification systems, community based targeting and/or cash grants; and demonstrable previous experience conducting similar assessments or analytical research work including experience in the team in rural areas of Myanmar.

See the Terms of Reference (TOR) for further information.

If you wish to apply, please see instructions in Section 8 of the attached TOR.

All applications must be submitted by 20 July 2017 to Human Resources Department by email at



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