Consultant on age-inclusive humanitarian intervention (Jordan, Amman)



                                                    January 2018                                           

1.            Context

Leaving no one behind: Minimising the impact of displacement, vulnerabilities and poverty on older men and women affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis through the support of age inclusive resilience and integration initiatives- is a two-year project (June 2017 –May 2019) implemented by HelpAge International’s country office in Jordan.

The project’s overall objective is to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the humanitarian protection of vulnerable groups. The project focuses on improving access of older men and women (Syrian Crisis refugees and host communities) to basic services and livelihood opportunities provided by local, national and international organizations, private sector organizations and the government.

Older people, especially women and those with specific needs and vulnerabilities have difficulties harnessing formal employment, livelihood opportunities or social benefits due to their restricted mobility and lack of access to information and services. They tend to be invisible to humanitarian actors and government authorities. This exclusion impacts their ability to access incomes, shelter, health and other basic services. HelpAge will work with local, national and international organizations, private organizations and the government to include older men and women, and in particular those with specific needs and vulnerabilities, in their livelihood interventions.   

Within the proposed project, HelpAge International looks to expand its capacity building efforts for inclusion of OP in humanitarian response into hard-to reach areas through a distance learning digital platform. The platform will offer a flexible learning experience combining self-learning with trainer-led online classes, using a variety of digital technologies. It is expected that this component will directly target 140 staff members from at least 20 organisations across 5 countries (Syria, Yemen, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq).

The purpose of this Terms of Reference (TOR) is to solicit consultant's proposals on a fixed price basis to develop a comprehensive process for digitizing the current modular training program and effective implementation of the digital learning platform element in the project.

HelpAge strives to transfer its core tools and knowledge on inclusion of older people in humanitarian response to its partners as well as members from the local community, national and international organisations especially in hard to reach areas, empowering them to meet the sustainable development goal (SDG) of "leaving no one behind."

2. Project Objectives

The primary objectives are:

Activity 1.6: Establishment of distance learning digital platform for remote humanitarian response to the Syria crisis

The platform will offer a flexible learning experience combining self-learning with trainer-led online classes, using a variety of digital technologies. The master Arab-speaking trainers selected through the project will be facilitating online classes and provide online coaching to organisations operating from Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq or within Syria and Yemen. Additional tailor-made trainings will be delivered by the master trainers to individual organisations, upon their request. In order to enable trainers to provide more in-depth technical coaching through the distance learning digital platform, HelpAge will further build the technical capacity of the selected master trainers on protection, healthcare and livelihood interventions for and with OP. It is expected that this component will directly target 140 staff members from at least 20 organisations across 5 countries (Syria, Yemen, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq). By building the capacity of 20 INGOs and NGOs of different sizes, the component has the potential to indirectly benefit up to 100,000 older men and women, ensuring their inclusion in humanitarian interventions implemented by trained INGOs/NGOs


3. Key Deliverables

3.1. Digital Learning Platform Operation Manual

Digital Learning Platform Operational Manual: The program will focus on capacity building, through providing the knowledge and skills required for including older people in humanitarian interventions as well as the proper process to monitor and evaluate age inclusive humanitarian initiatives. All content created by our consultant for the Modular Training program must be digitized through interactive presentations, videos, graphics, etc. set up in a online classroom manner.  This manual is supposed to serve as the guide to the implementation process of the Digital Learning Platform, with specific scheduling, and details of all requirements and all steps.

 The operational manual should include the following:

1.Preparatory Strategy for the Digital Learning Platform

o   Create Guidelines for Website Design that will be accessible in English & Arabic.

- General Website for Knowledge & Resource Hub & Sign-On Section (password protected) for Trainees and Trainers.

- Create a Site-Map

o   Develop a report listing all technology requirements for the implementation of this platform.

- Site Visit

- Itemized list of necessities with recommendations of specific brands and types.

o   Create a detailed timeline for implementation of the platform in the next phase

o   Maintenance Requirements for managing the website and platform after it is established

2.Establish the process for digitizing the 5 current training modules on age inclusive humanitarian interventions.

o   Determine necessary software

o   Specifications on data entry, quality control, and database modification

o   Determine/establish process for video recordings of training sessions, materials that will be uploaded, tools necessary.

o   Determine what is needed by participants in hard to reach areas in order to access this training (Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Turkey, & Syria).



It is envisaged that the consultancy will require a total of approximately 30 working days. The three key deliverables must be completed by March 30, 2018 at the latest. A tentative timeline for this consultancy is presented below. This will be finalized with the Consultant.

Expected Deliverables/Outputs


Deliverables/ Outputs


Estimated Duration to Complete


Target Due Dates


Review and Approvals Required 

·        Outline and developed elements of the operational manual related to the digital learning platform, in line with organizational objectives, communication strategies and target audiences.

20 working days


Project Manager & Regional Head of Programmes

·        Feedback Provided by HelpAge International




·        Define the technology requirements for the Digital Learning Platform in line with the project objectives.

20 working days


Project Manager & Regional Head of Programmes

·        Outline process for digitizing the 5 interactive modules for Age Inclusive Training.

20 working days


Project Manager & Regional Head of Programmes

·        Operation Manual in Full

30 working days


Project Manager & Regional Head of Programmes


4.Qualifications and Experience Required

The Consultant(s) will have:


-          Demonstrates experience in developing distance learning platforms

-          Ability to collect and analyze information

-          Ability to review and further implement existing training material

-          Capacity to analyze and take in account the contextual issues

-          Quality and Evaluation knowledge

-          Good understanding of and proficient use of Microsoft Office software applications, instructional and graphic design software.


-          Demonstrates integrity and fairness, by modelling the HelpAge International values and ethical standards;

-          Promotes the vision, mission and strategic goals of HelpAge International

-          Displays cultural, gender, religion, race, nationality and age sensitivity and adaptability.

Development and Operational Effectiveness:

·         Planning and Organizing

·         Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities

·         Communication

·         Demonstrates good oral and written communication skills (English, Arabic)

·         Excellent interpersonal and networking skills, strong team player.

·         Focuses on impact and result for the client and responds positively to critical feedback

·         Sound time management and organizational skills with the ability to handle multiple tasks

·         Capacity to work under tight deadlines, manage stress and adapt to rapidly evolving situations


·         Ability to speak, read, and write in Arabic

·         Experience in age inclusive humanitarian interventions based on UN and WHO data approach


Interested Consultants are requested to submit an outline proposal including the structure for the Operational Manual; an estimated budget; and the contact details of two references

Proposals should be submitted by January 23rd, 2018 to:  


Stephanie Yousef

Inclusion Project Manager

HelpAge International


Building 43, Al Shariah College Street

Jabal Alweibdeh, Amman, Jordan

4. Payment Terms

All financial information should be provided in Euros. Payments will be made in two tranches:

30 per cent of the total sum after development of draft training materials and 70 per cent after finalizing the training materials and providing reports.

HelpAge International resolves the right to change the payment terms subject to feedback from the participants and violation of the delivery schedule. 

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