We have worked in Cambodia since 1992 and now focus our efforts on 120 rural villages in Battambang and Banteay Meanchey provinces, where we:

  • Support village-based older people's associations - groups that foster social bonds and help older people to look after and empower each other.
  • Offer an effective and sustainable model for providing care at home for the most vulnerable older people.
  • Help older people become financially independent through income-generating activities such as agriculture training, training in pesticide-free farming methods and the provision of agriculture tools, quality seeds and cash grants.

Life story: Sim Lon, 64

Sim Lon, 64, received a loan two years. She used the money to buy materials to make and sell Khmer noodles. Sim Lon, 64, received a loan two years. She used the money to buy materials to make and sell Khmer noodles. (c) HelpAge International Sim Lon lives in Battambang province and looks after two grandchildren, as their parents moved to the Thai border to work. Sim Lon’s husband cannot work as he has constant joint pain and is frequently sick.

She received a small grant from a older people's association two years ago, which she used to buy materials to make and sell Khmer noodles. She also received two training sessions on how to run a business, how to make Khmer noodles and basic accounting.

Sim Lon said: “I have been a member of the association since it started. My business has improved my living conditions. Before I had difficulty buying food and medicine. It was also difficult to borrow money. Since I started my business, the money lenders will lend me money.

"Now I am less afraid about not having enough money in the future. I only have a little money now, but know that I will get more tomorrow."

She makes a profit of 5,000 riel per day (US$1.25) and spends this money on sending her grandchildren to school. She also and tries to save money to buy her husband medicine.

Supporting older people in Cambodia

Livelihood support

  • 72 villages with older people's associations, totalling 4,461 members are now equipped with rice banks.
  • 460 older people's association members have been trained in farming techniques to improve rice yield and just under 1,000 members have received business training.


  • 1,680 older people's association leaders, 280 village health volunteers, 30 health centre staff have been trained on older people's health and age-friendly primary healthcare.
  • 72 villages with older people's associations are now running age-friendly health consultations.
  • 280 village volunteers have received training on how to carry out home-based care and now 265 frail and homebound older people are cared for by home care volunteers. 
  • HelpAge's National Guidelines on Home Based Care have been endorsed by the Ministry of Social, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation.


  • 72 villages engaged in the “Age Demand Action” campaign. 15 older leaders were received by the Ministry of Social, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation and have passed on their messages for the needs of older people for health and home care.
  • 47 villages engaged with their local councils and take part in local planning and 18 villages now have access to local funds to cover services needed by older women and older men.

What next?

  • We will support 230 households and their older members to earn an secure income in 39 villages.
  • We will help establish older people's associations in new areas and equip them with rice banks, training, healthcare and home care.
  • We will support the Cambodian government to disseminate our national guidelines on home care which they recently adopted in 2012.
  • We will continue to advocate for the expansion of social protection measures and instruments for older women and older men.

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Striking facts

  • In 2008, 68% of people aged over 60 in rural areas still worked (80% of men and 60% of women).

  • A third of over 60s support at least one child with money, food or clothes.

  • One third of the population is undernourished.

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