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Wasiti, Fiji: Retired but not tired

Wasiti was forced to retire at 55, even though she feels she still has so much to contribute.

We are campaigning for legislation against age discrimination, and want mandatory retirement laws scrapped.

If you agree that people shouldn't be forced out of a job because of their age, sign our Age Demands Action petition.

Serena, Mozambique: Beaten for being older 

Serena is repeatedly persecuted and beaten because she is an older women. People think she is witch and that she eats children.

We are fighting for the rights of older men and women to be better protected by national and international law.

To take a stand against violence like this, sign our petition for older people's rights.

Richard, Kenya: "My house was destroyed."

Richard's house was destroyed by a mob who accused his wife of being a witch, just because she is old.

At HelpAge, we are working to stop this from happening. We work with communities to change people's attitudes towards older people, as well as ensuring that governments put in place laws and policies to better protect older people.

To stand up for older people's rights, sign our Age Demands Action petition.


Raira, Kyrgyzstan: "I can't pay my bills."

Raira says: "Even those in Kyrgyzstan lucky enough to have pensions cannot afford basic living expenses."

In the long term, pensions can change the lives of entire families, as they are often invested in education and business.

If you think older people deserve a decent pension, sign our petition.

Maria, Philippines: Speaking out

Maria believes older people could do so much for their communities if they had more support.

We work to support older people around the world so their invaluable contribution to society as carers, educators and mediators is recognised. 

If you agree, add your voice to Maria's by signing our Age Demands Action petition.

Leonardo, Peru: Trying to make ends meet

Leonardo works all day in the fields yet he barely earns enough to support his family.

We strive to secure better working conditions and legislation for older workers. We also want older people to be included in education and training programmes and credit schemes, so that older people like Leonardo won't have to struggle.

If you think older people deserve better than this, sign our Age Demands Action petition.

Kenneth, Jamaica: Talking about P-E-N-S-I-O-N-S

Kenneth wants his government to punish employers who steal their workers' pensions.

We work to empower older people like Kenneth to become confident enough to voice their own demands for the pensions, benefits and healthcare they are entitled to.

If you agree, sign our Age Demands Action petition.

Irma, Peru: Discriminated against

Irma is discriminated against because of where she comes from.

We believe that existing human rights mechanisms do not adequately protect the rights of older women and men.

To stand up against discrimination, sign our Age Demands Action petition.

Dorothy, UK: Fighting for her right to healthcare

Dorothy had to fight to get a bone scan just because she is over 80.

HelpAge is working to improve access to age-friendly health services for older people.

If you believe in the right to decent, free healthcare regardless of age, sign our Age Demands Action petition.

Dhala, Bangladesh: Refused a pension 

Dhala has been refused a pension because he is a snake charmer.

HelpAge works to stop discrimination based on age and the violation of older people's human rights. 

Help us fight this kind of discrimination. Sign our Age Demands Action petition.

Anwarra, Bangladesh: Too old for healthcare?

Anwarra has been refused healthcare because she is old and poor.

We are working to ensure older people have access to the healthcare they deserve.

Find what happened to Anwarra unacceptable? Sign our Age Demands Action petition.

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