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Older woman, Philippines (c)Carolyn Canham/HelpAge International

Older people in poverty, like Agida from the Philippines, often struggle with health problems and an insecure income. Yet Agida would love to be more mobile and independent so she could support herself and her family.

Your donation could make a huge difference in helping someone like Agida achieve their dream.

What your money could do

£10 | €12 | $17 Chickens and feed

You could buy six chickens and their feed, providing an older person with a more reliable source of income.

£20| €25 | $34 Books and uniform

You could help a grandparent buy a school uniform and books for their grandchild.

£50 | €62 | $85  Essential items kit

You could buy an essential kit (such as blankets, sheets, mattress, bucket) for an older person following an emergency.

£115 | €144 | $197 Restore sight

You could pay for an older person to have cataract surgery to restore sight in both eyes.

Please help us make the lives of older people and their families healthier, happier and more secure.


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