Designing and Implementing Social Transfer Programmes

Courses for policymakers, government officials and practitioners around the world

2 October - 13 October 2017, Chiang Mai, Thailand

An older activist in the Philippines calls for social pensions.

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An older activist in the Philippines calls for social pensions.

Economic Policy Research Institute (EPRI) and HelpAge International, together with the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance and the Institute of Development Studies are pleased to announced that registration is now open for this year's courses on Designing and Implementing Social Transfer Programmes.

About the courses

The flagship course Designing and Implementing Social Transfer Programmes is a two-week course aimed at providing policy makers, government officials and practitioners with an in depth understanding of the conceptual and practical issues involved in the development of social transfer programmes.

Course options

The first week of the course covers the key topics in relationship to social cash transfers including the role of cash transfers, identification of appropriate instruments, design and implementation issues.

Theme-oriented sessions and technical skills-building workshops are supported by practical case studies and field trips to see Thailand's social transfer scheme in action.

Specialised topic modules

During the second week, participants will choose one of several intensive, five-day modules on a specialised topic. Graduates of the past courses and/or people with extensive social protection experience can choose to attend one of these modules as a standalone course.

  • Social protection policy
  • Financial inclusion and economic opportunity: linkages to social protection
  • Monitoring and evaluating social protection programmes
  • Ageing and social pensions

Click here for more details on modules.

Apply for the course online.

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Caitlin Littleton
Course Registration Manager

Taku Muyambo
Course Coordinator, EPRI


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