Community-driven development training

This older people's association in Vietnam is an example of community-driven development (c) Brayden Graham/HelpAge International

(c) Brayden Graham/HelpAge International

This older people's association in Vietnam is an example of community-driven development

Community-driven development training for policymakers, government officials and practitioners around the world

19-23 November 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam

Community-driven development training is a week-long course for development practitioners and others interested in strengthening their knowledge, tools and understanding of community development across a wide range of sectors through community-based organisations.
The course is offered by HelpAge International's Vietnam office, which has over 10 years' experience in community-driven development and training development practitioners.

Course content

The community-driven development model is demonstrated through the Vietnam model of intergenerational self-help clubs. These are present in over 1,000 communities in Vietnam and there are Government plans for a nationwide expansion, supported by international organisations. The course covers:

Initiation and sustainability of community-driven development organisations

  • Theory of inclusive, community-led development
  • Formation of community-driven development organisations
  • Building self-management capacity
  • Developing plans for self-generating organisational income
  • Record keeping, monitoring and evaluation tools

Sector specific training and tools

  • A detailed look at age-friendly, resilient livelihoods options
  • Health and wellness, including physical exercise, health promotion, illness prevention and first aid
  • Homecare support, including the development of volunteer carer system
  • Disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation
  • Case management for ensuring attainment of rights and entitlements

Facilitation and communication skills found to be essential in energising community groups are developed throughout the course.

A full-day field visit demonstrates practical applications and sustainability of the
community-driven development model. 


The tuition fee for this one week course is US$1,200 per person, which includes airport transfer, three-star single room accommodation with free wifi and three meals per day. The fees do not include visa and international travel to and from Hanoi.
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