Ageing data

By 2050 nearly one in five people in developing countries will be over 60.

The world is ageing and we need to be prepared for it. Browse our resources on ageing population data and trends below.

Ageing in motion

See how the world's population is ageing in our motion charts.

Global AgeWatch

Within 10 years, there will be 1 billion older people worldwide. Visit for more ageing data.Global AgeWatch has the most up-to-date, internationally comparable statistics on population ageing and life expectancy. 

Ageing survey

The 2010 Ageing Insights survery gives a unique insight the lives of older people all over the world. 1,265 older people from 32 countries took part.

Download Insights on Ageing survey

Global ageing statistics

ageing data

Get the global statistics on global population ageing.

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