Nepal Earthquake: Samsita's Story

Woman in Nepal Samsita, age 81

When the earthquake hit, 81-year-old widow Samsita had been working in the field. Had she been in her home, Samsita could have been trapped under collapsing debris.

She relates, "I think if it happened at night, then we all could have died. Thankfully it happened at noon."

Before the earthquake destroyed her youngest son's house, Samsita had been living with him and his family of four. Now, they all live in a makeshift hut.

"I don't know what to do next," Samsita states, "I hope my son will rebuild the house, but I'm not sure if he will. Even if he does, he will only be able to rebuild a part of it."

Uncertain of what her future holds, Samsita needs relief aid to help her family endure this period of transition. With HelpAge's small-sum grant, Samsita plans to buy rice, which her family doesn't grow in their field.

She says, "I am grateful for this help. I am so happy."

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