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Global rankings map

The map shows how countries are ranked in the Global AgeWatch Index. Countries are ranked from 1 to 91, with 1 being the highest rank. The higher the rank, the better the quality of life for older people. Colours on a spectrum from dark green to dark red represent the ranking from 1 to 91. Grey is used for countries where there is not enough data to include them in the Index.

Index rankings

Map created by Hoonio/DataKind UK.

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Comments submitted for this page

  • Caroline Dobbing (7th March 2014)

    Thanks for your comments Auke, I have amended the explanation of the map and the rankings based on your comments, so hopefully it is now clearer!

  • Auke Wiegersma (4th February 2014)

    Perhaps I am just intellectually challenged, but as far as I can see, the colors (or the rankings)are in the wrong order: the higher the rank the better and then I see that Russia, South Africa etc. have the highest rankings. I do not think that is accurate to say the least..
    On the page about comparisons the colors /rankings indeed are in the right order.

  • VogueWolf (6th November 2013)

    In full gratitude, thank you for the bright minds and willing hearts to do this and create this site. I am a student from the Philippines whose interest of study is ageing. Am very much happy to be connected in global age watch--this is wonderful! Helpful to countries like ours, still struggling to put our welfare systems in place for elderly people. I am conducting a current study on Elderly residential facilities in Northern Mindanao, southern part of the Philippines.

  • Global AgeWatch team (8th October 2013)

    Dear Thais,

    thank you for your interest in HelpAge International.

    There is no world report card however if you go to any 'Country report card' under 'Data' menu you will be able to download an Excel file with all available data for the Index as well as non-Index countries. You can then estimate world average or group countries by region/level of development and calculate their averages.

    with best wishes,
    Global AgeWatch team

  • Thais (1st October 2013)

    Is there a total world report card? That'd be very useful!