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Hadija, 82, lives in Shatee camp in Gaza City. (c) Sarah Marzouk/HelpAge International

Older people like Hadija from Gaza, face specific problems such as isolation, lack of mobility and reduced physical strength which make it difficult for them to escape conflict and access humanitarian aid.

Your donation could make a huge difference in helping someone like Hadija.

What your money could do

£25 | €30 | $42 Hygiene kits

You could provide this essential kit to an older person and their family so they can have some dignity.

£50 | €60 | $84 Food and medicine

You could enable an older person to buy food and medical supplies to meet their urgent needs.

£100 | €121 | $186 Shelter kit

You could provide vital materials to a homeless older person and their family to put a temporary roof over their heads.


The conflict in Gaza has left hundreds dead and thousands injured.

Older people in Gaza are at risk. With little or no family left to help them, thousands are facing this crisis alone.


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